Primobolan Enanthate 100mg 10ml

Primobolan Enanthate 100mg 10ml
Product Code: Primobolan Enanthate 100MG*10ml
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Product name : Primobolan Enanthate 100mg 10ml muscle building steroids for sale
Item : Primobolan Enanthate 100mg 10ml
Price : 200$/kit
Details :
               Primobolan Enanthate 100mg 10ml muscle building steroids for sale 

No Trick, No Scam. We are here at your service at any time.

Specification:            Primobolan Enanthate  100MG*10ml*1vial/kit

Price for MOQ:          200$/kit;

Kindly Reminder:      It is better if you can send the Enquiry directly to ,because our first
                                email to you is easily taken as a spam, then you may not find our quotations details. 
                                Thanks for your cooperation.

Package details:      Carton Box with Discreet Packing

Delivery Process:     EMS to Your Hand at Any Place

Payment Method:    Only Westernunion, Moneygram, or Bank transfer, No PayPal or Moneybooker available.

Kindly Reminder:     We don't do business with people who don't mutual trust in their minds. We are doing 
                                sensitive business, if you feel unsafe to send us funds, please go find the one you trust 
                                most. Good business is only for people who deserve it.

Commodity Specification Origin
Primobolan Enanthate 100mg*10ml*1vial/kit Thailand
Minimum Order               Payment methods Brand
As Your Request Westernunion, Moneygram, or Bank transfer CentrinoLab
Samples Delivery Date
Charge Parcel sent out in 24hrs, about 7 days to reach your hand, but 15days during  the Long Holiday  in China.

Buy Primobolan (methenolone enanthate)

Primobolan (methenolone enanthate) has been manufactured by Schering AG and is available in both injectable (enanthate) and oral (acetate) forms. Many consider Primobolan the mildest of anabolic steroids because adverse reactions are rare with this compound. Medical uses of Primobolan include treatment for breast tumors, AIDS, and compromised immune systems.

•  Primobolan delivers slow but steady increase in muscle mass resulting to qualitative gains.

•  After you buy Primobolan, remember it is ideal for female athletes since virilization symptoms, such as hirsutism and deepening of voice, are relatively minimal.

•  Primobolan is derived from DHT and binds well with androgen receptors, making it an effective fat burner.
Despite its mildeness, Primobolan can also negatively affect gonadotropin level which can result to hypogonadism. Thus, it is recommended that you talk with a health professional when you buy Primobolan. Know about the proper dosage and cycle duration when you buy Primobolan to avoid health risks.

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